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Princeton English Institute, formerly know as Princeton Idiomas was started in 1998 by Canadian PHD graduate Brandon Henderson. Princeton specializes in IELTS preparation, review and testing using only Native Speakers from Canada and USA. With 20 years experience you can't go wrong. We teach all levels of English from KIDs and Basic English all the way up to Executive and Professional English and IELTS certified.
Prices depend on the level of English and the number of student. Group classes using Skype are available. Get the best teachers and share the cost with friends.
*Basic English $12 USD per hour 10 hours $100 .
*Executive and Professional English $22 USD per hour 10 hours $200 USD.
*IELTs Preparation, Review and Testing, $25 USD per hour $220 for 10 hours
Discount available for long term.
For more info please contact us here
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